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 * $Id: create_menu_bar.c 1510 2008-05-18 09:16:32Z vapour $
 * Salasaga: Function to create the top menu bar 
 * Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Justin Clift <justin@salasaga.org>
 * This file is part of Salasaga.
 * Salasaga is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of
 * the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License along with this program.  If not, see
 * <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

// GTK includes
#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#ifdef _WIN32
      // Windows only code
      #include <windows.h>

// Salasaga includes
#include "../salasaga_types.h"
#include "../externs.h"
#include "menu_edit_preferences.h"
#include "menu_enable.h"
#include "menu_export_swf.h"
#include "menu_export_layer.h"
#include "menu_export_slide.h"
#include "menu_file_close.h"
#include "menu_file_new.h"
#include "menu_file_open.h"
#include "menu_file_save.h"
#include "menu_file_save_as.h"
#include "menu_help_about.h"
#include "menu_help_forum.h"
#include "menu_help_register.h"
#include "menu_help_support.h"
#include "menu_help_survey.h"
#include "menu_help_website.h"
#include "menu_help_wiki.h"
#include "menu_project_properties.h"
#include "menu_screenshots_capture.h"
#include "menu_screenshots_import.h"
#include "save_preferences_and_exit.h"
#include "slide_insert.h"
#include "slide_delete.h"
#include "slide_move_bottom.h"
#include "slide_move_down.h"
#include "slide_move_top.h"
#include "slide_move_up.h"
#include "slide_name_reset.h"
#include "slide_properties.h"
#include "callbacks/menu_screenshots_capture_full_screen.h"
#include "layer/layer_copy.h"
#include "layer/layer_delete.h"
#include "layer/layer_edit.h"
#include "layer/layer_new_highlight.h"
#include "layer/layer_new_image.h"
#include "layer/layer_new_mouse.h"
#include "layer/layer_new_text.h"
#include "layer/layer_paste.h"

void create_menu_bar()
      // Purpose: To create the main application menu bar
      // Inputs: None
      // Returns: A pointer to a Gtk menu bar Widget (fully populated with items) or NULL on error
      // Example:
      //          GtkWidget *menu_bar;
      //          menu_bar = create_menu_bar(menu_bar);

      // Local variables
      GtkAccelGroup                 *accel_group;                 // Holds the accelerator (shortcut) keys
      static GtkItemFactoryEntry    menu_items[] =
            {"/_File",                                NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Branch>"},
            {"/File/_New Project",              "<control>N",                 menu_file_new,                            0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/File/_Open Project",             "<control>O",                 menu_file_open,                           0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/File/_Save Project",             "<control>S",                 menu_file_save,                           0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/File/Save _As Project",          "<control><shift>S",    menu_file_save_as,                        0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/File/_Close Project",            "<control>W",                 menu_file_close,                    0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/File/Sep",                             NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Separator>"},
            {"/File/_Quit",                           "<control>Q",                 save_preferences_and_exit,          0,    "<Item>"},

            {"/_Edit",                                NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Branch>"},
            {"/Edit/_Preferences",              NULL,                         menu_edit_preferences,              0,    "<Item>"},

            {"/_Screenshots",                   NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Branch>"},
            {"/Screenshots/Capture _window",          NULL,             menu_screenshots_capture,           0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Screenshots/Capture _full screen",     NULL,             menu_screenshots_capture_full_screen,     0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Screenshots/_Import",            NULL,                         menu_screenshots_import,            0,    "<Item>"},

            {"/_Project",                             NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Branch>"},
            {"/Project/P_roperties",            NULL,                         menu_project_properties,            0,    "<Item>"},

            {"/Sl_ide",                               NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Branch>"},
            {"/Slide/_Insert",                        NULL,                         slide_insert,                             0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Slide/_Delete",                        NULL,                         slide_delete,                             0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Slide/Move _up",                       NULL,                         slide_move_up,                            0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Slide/Move dow_n",               NULL,                         slide_move_down,                    0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Slide/Move to _top",             NULL,                         slide_move_top,                           0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Slide/Move to _bottom",          NULL,                         slide_move_bottom,                        0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Slide/_Reset slide name",  NULL,                         slide_name_reset,                   0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Slide/_Properties",              NULL,                         slide_properties,                   0,    "<Item>"},

            {"/_Layer",                               NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Branch>"},
//          {"/Layer/C_ut",                           NULL,                         layer_cut,                                0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Layer/_Copy",                    NULL,                         layer_copy,                               0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Layer/_Paste",                   NULL,                         layer_paste,                              0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Layer/_Edit",                    NULL,                         layer_edit,                               0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Layer/_Delete",                        NULL,                         layer_delete,                             0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Layer/Sep",                            NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Separator>"},
            {"/Layer/Add _Text",                NULL,                         layer_new_text,                           0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Layer/Add _Highlight",           NULL,                         layer_new_highlight,                0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Layer/Add _Image",               NULL,                         layer_new_image,                    0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Layer/Add _Mouse",               NULL,                         layer_new_mouse,                    0,    "<Item>"},

            {"/E_xport",                              NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Branch>"},
            {"/Export/_Flash Animation",  "<control><shift>F",    menu_export_swf,                    0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Export/_Slide as Image",         NULL,                         menu_export_slide,                        0,    "<Item>"},
            {"/Export/_Image Layer",            NULL,                         menu_export_layer,                        0,    "<Item>"},

            {"/_Help",                                NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<LastBranch>"},
            {"/_Help/_About",                   NULL,                         menu_help_about,                    0,    "<Item>"    },
            {"/_Help/_Main Website",            NULL,                         menu_help_website,                        0,    "<Item>"    },
            {"/_Help/Sep",                            NULL,                         NULL,                                     0,    "<Separator>"},
//          {"/_Help/_Survey",                        NULL,                         menu_help_survey,                   0,    "<Item>"    },
            {"/_Help/_Forum",                   NULL,                         menu_help_forum,                    0,    "<Item>"    },
            {"/_Help/_Register",                NULL,                         menu_help_register,                       0,    "<Item>"    },
            {"/_Help/_Support",                       NULL,                         menu_help_support,                        0,    "<Item>"    },
            {"/_Help/_Wiki",                    NULL,                         menu_help_wiki,                           0,    "<Item>"    }
      };  // The menu structure
      static gint             num_items = sizeof(menu_items) / sizeof(menu_items[0]);     // The number of menu items

      // Create an accelerator group
      accel_group = gtk_accel_group_new();

      // Attach the accelerator group to the main window

      // Create the ItemFactory menu bar
      menu_bar = gtk_item_factory_new(GTK_TYPE_MENU_BAR, "<main>", accel_group);

      // Create the menu items
      gtk_item_factory_create_items(menu_bar, num_items, menu_items, NULL);

      // Grey out the menu items
      menu_enable("/Project", FALSE);
      menu_enable("/Slide", FALSE);
      menu_enable("/Layer", FALSE);
      menu_enable("/Export", FALSE);

      // If screenshots are disabled, then grey out the screenshot menu item
      if (FALSE == screenshots_enabled)
            menu_enable("/Screenshots/Capture", FALSE);

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